For those of you who know me, you know I’m a complete design geek. For those of you who don’t, hi, I’m a design geek. I revel in the nuances of design history all the way back to the dawn of writing. But my favorite period is 70s punk graphics, those crappy photocopied fliers for gigs that were actually amazing if you can wrap your mind around the idea that cool modernism is kinda crap. Well, maybe not crap, but certainly not the end all be all.

So, I love punk graphics, probably nothing more than the album design for the Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols.” The type is so completely awkward, brilliantly so. Almost everything that could be wrong is wrong. And then there is the slash of torn paper with Sex Pistols set in type reminiscent of a ransom note. It is just so aggressive, not visually, but toward the prevalent design rule of the time. 

That’s why I was so happy that the team at C&T, and my book’s designer in particular, were on board with referencing that album cover with the quilt I was going to make for the cover design. Obviously it’s not a straight lift, but the family resemblance is unmissable. It’s not every publisher that would get on board, let alone enthusiastically get behind.

So yay! I so love this book cover. And it only gets better when you open it up, but you’ll have to wait for sneak peeks…

Much love.


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