Care packages…

I have lots of people and things to write about, some long past due, but with us having to be out of our house in ten days and then moving to England for a year not long after that pretty much everything is on the back-burner.

That said I do want to pause to say thank you to the dear and delightful Kim of Kim’s Krafts. Today’s delivery from the postman included a surprise package, and inside that package we found these..


Kim made a bag for each of us (K, Bee, Babbit and me) and filled each of them with a carefully tailored care package for the flights over the ocean. Needless to say we love them, or at least K and I do. We are saving Bee’s as a surprise for the flight. And Babbit’s, well, let’s just say his package will indeed be useful for a long flight…

So, thank you so incredibly much Kim. You gifts and your letter mean so much. And don’t worry, I’ll be back before too long, and I’ll still be here jabbering away. Oh, and I have some special plans for our time in the UK; this here blog is gonna change a bit for a while…

Yay Kim!!!


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