Calling all shops…

…and quilters, and everyone else in the quilty universe.

I’m nervous as all heck. Seriously. All heck.

I’ll be doing a Schoolhouse at Market: my spot is at 1:55 (I’m hoping to capture some of the amazing Patty Young’s overflow crowd). After that one of my quilts will be taking off to spend the weekend at the Andover booth. Speaking of the Andover booth, not only will they be showing off Pear Tree and Flock, they will also have kitting info sheets for all of my quilt patterns.

That’s right: not only is Pear Tree coming out at Market, but I have indeed decided to print my quilt and project patterns. I was planning to go low-key and just PDF them and see, but with some encouragement from Andover, some of my fabulous/wonderful/amazing friends-in-the-computer, and my super-generous proof-readers I’ve made the move to plunge right in. So now it’s finger-crossing time.

thomas-knauer-sews-pattern-naptime-pillow     thomas-knauer-sews-pattern-growth-chart

The Project Cards are off at the printer already, and the full quilt patterns are ready for prototyping.

Anyway, all you shop owners, quilter, and fabric friends, I hope to see you at my Schoolhouse (I’ll try to make it fun). And if you can’t make my Schoolhouse I hope you swing by the Andover booth, or of course you can drop me an email and we can set up a time to chat (I’m always up for another cup of coffee: decaf unfortunately). Of course I’ll have all kinds of info with me all weekend, though I may just be so excited to see all of my fabulous fabric friends that I may forget that I’m supposed to be productive at Market…

And for everyone not making it to Market, if you’d like to get the patterns let your local quilt shop or your favorite online shop know that you’re interested!

Just 12 days until I leave; the panic is compounding, but so is the excitement. So much fun to have, so many old friends to catch up with, so many amazing new people to meet. Obviously I hope my babies do well, but when I can manage to suppress the panic I remember that I am insanely giddy to go to Market: it’s my Disneyland.



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