thomas-knauer-sews-basics-quilt-driveBumble Bean Basics has made another call for quilts. They are always accepting quilts, but there is another distribution date set for December, so another push is on. This time the remarkable Pat Sloan is lending a hand to try to reach 400 quilts by Thanksgiving.

Wait, you may not know what Bumble Bean Basics is. The amazing Victoria Findlay Wolfe of Bumble Beans Inc and Basics Housing in the Bronx have teamed up to provide handmade quilts for warmth both physical and symbolic, to displaced families finally entering permanent housing. I love, love, love Victoria for doing this, and am so happy that she used the super early bits of Pear Tree that I sent her to make a baby quilt for Basics:

thomas-knauer-sews-bumble-bean-basics-quilt**Photo from Victoria

Victoria has me entirely convinced that I need to start playing with stars.

But, back to the point. If you can please send a finished quilt, any size, to be help a family transform a house (apartment) into a home. All the information you need is on the Bumble Bean Basics site.

Oh, and once I get the rest of my yardage of Pear Tree I’ll be giving two readers complet FQ bundles of Pear Tree on the condition that some of it be used to make a wonderful quilt to be sent to Bumble Bean Basics. Mix in some solids, or other prints from your stash, and there should be plenty there to make a quilt for yourself and one to share. I’ll be doing this with every collection I release for as long as Victoria continues collecting quilts.

Anyway, thanks for making the fabulous baby quilt Victoria, I love it, and thanks for doing what you do.


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