I am officially overwhelmed by the response to my No-Repeat Scrap Vomit Quilt. The number of people who have offered to contribute scraps and squares has been amazing, a testament to the vitality of the online quilting community. This really is an extraordinary example of how community can flourish within the media environment. You have no idea how touched I am by the outpouring of fabric love. There has been a lot of turmoil in my life over the past few years, and at times I have felt profoundly isolated; you all have done so much to remind me that I am not alone, an illustration of the real power and significance of quilting.

That avalanche of scraps and squares is just what has come in over the past week, the pile that has yet to be trimmed, counted, and entered into the preliminary sort. Much of what you see has come from just eight people: Tammy, Rebecca, Tammy, Lise, Debbie, Ruth, Jacqueline, and Jen. But a huge pile of scraps just came today in a mystery bog: no name, no note, just a mailing label from the Washington College of Law at American University. So if you sent that mystery box, please send me an email; I want to know who you are!!!

When this first started I thought I might struggle to get to the 3,136 different prints needed for this project; that seems so naïve to me now. Gotta love the amazing diversity of fabric out there, even the bits that sometimes make us wonder how they ever got made. At this rate, I think I may end up with enough squares to make several Scrap Vomit Quilts. I have already decided to make a matching quilt for Bee; I love the idea of passing our quilt down to her, and Bee passing her quilt down to her Bees (if she chooses to have any). This is truly becoming an heirloom project.

So, once more I want to thank you all: those who have sent bits along, those still planning to, and those who have been so supportive of my clumsy beginnings as a quilter. Just know that I truly mean it when I use my favorite Twitter hashtag: #Hugs.

Now I just need to get Accuquilt to sponsor this quilt…


PS: I currently have a few ideas for projects over the summer that will insure fabulous homes for every single scrap and square that comes my way. Everybody who sends bits of cotton along will be included in the big quilt, so worry not, but there may not be enough blocks for every single square that makes it way to my sewing room. Just know that I am interested now in how we can keep the fabric love going.

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