The Part of the Blog When I Vent

Those of you who have been playing along the past however many years know that I was diagnosed with Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis back in 2012, and the Mast Cell Disorder in 2014. And trust me, it’s a lot of fun with those two.

So, when I was told last week that I had advanced arthritis in my hips due to a femoral deformity I just about reached my limit. I mean seriously, what the hell else can be wrong with me? What percentage of my body can be flat out dysfunctional? 

Of course, the fix for the arthritis is hip replacement, but I’m not even fifty, so doing that now pretty much guarantees another go-round with new hips in my future, which really is not my dream scenario.

So, it’s off to physical therapy I go in hopes that we can loosen things up a bit and prevent further damage, all of which makes my hips (and sympathetically my knees) hurt on a whole new level. 

Of course, it could be worse. In the bigger picture I’m still pretty lucky. But at the moment it’s a little difficult to keep in that mindset. Right now I am just plain pissed and my stupid body. Right now I just kinda waiting for the next thing to go wrong… 


Much love.


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