I have the start of an idea, a plan even, for a next body of work. After making bed quilts for the last forever, I’m thinking about a suite of mini quilts, small pieces that could be hung together to say something larger than any of the parts could. 

I’ve also been thinking about the Republican Party Platform and all the atrocities contained therein. (Don’t be surprised; if you’ve been paying even a modicum of attention you should know my politics by now.) Taken individually I find so many of the party’s positions to be ignorant at best but taken together I find that document to be flat out repulsive.

Oh, the party platform? That gets written and voted upon at the presidential nominating convention and sets the stage for things to come. The platform in 2020 was downright scary (in my not at all humble opinion). 

So, these two thoughts are bouncing around my brain and starting to gel into something resemble an idea, which may then turn out to be an actual plan. And I like having a plan; I don’t relax well. So I have the bones of an idea and still need to flesh out all the meta. I think I like this one…

Much love.


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