You can call me Mary…

We recently found, as we were digging though Wonderful Wife’s childhood books, this exceedingly outdated primer: the same one Wonderful Wife used when she was in First Grade. It has quickly become one of Bee’s favorite stories, but I think that is mostly because the goat, named Billy, ends up playing a prominent role:






I would like to say that this primer is hilariously outdated in its representation of gender roles, but I think I would be lying. For all the progress we’ve made culturally, little girls sew; boys don’t. We just remind Bee that Mary is sewing, just like Papa does, and remind ourselves that she is not quite up to deconstructing the text, yet; maybe next year…

And maybe one day day I’ll get a travel sewing kit in a super-mod suitcase…

A boy can dream, can’t he???


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4 Responses to You can call me Mary…

  1. 1
    A.J. Dub says:

    That is great. 🙂

  2. 2
    Cathy A says:

    My 3 year old likes fabric–fat quarters in particular. Is that progress??

    • 2.1
      thomas says:

      Absolutely. Mine still prefers mulch to fabric, but she is a wee girl, so that is as it should be. Gotta keep things properly balanced in our family.

      I can’t wait until Bee is a bit older and I can start the sewing with kids section of the site…

  3. 3
    Kathleen P says:

    We all sewed at hippie school. We also all painted our toenails (a preschool activity), nailed things together, wove baskets and on looms, sang, cleaned the younger kids classrooms, made enamel jewelery, and played non-competitive field sports. Is it any wonder I find CNY so foreign?!

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