Yet another benefit of living in England…

Among the manifold delights that accompanied K’s birthday on Wednesday I arranged for Bee to take her Mama out for proper tea, or as Bee called it a “Queen and Princess Tea.” You know, the kind with the three-tiered tray encumbered to the point of collapse with small, crustless sandwiches, scones, and sundry pastries of everywhich sort.

Anyway, after Bee finished school I took her to meet her Mama at the tea room, and Bee took care of everything. She came armed with two tiaras, a gift certificate for the tea, and a bit of pocket money for any further incidentals. And she took care of everything: helped put on her Mama’s crown, ordered the tea, and even paid for everything all by herself. She and her Mama simply beamed with pride and absolute delight, though I can only go by the photographic evidence as this was purely a mother-daughter birthday event…


Anyway, it was a wonderful day. Fun was had by all, and for a few weeks K is once more as old as I am, though by the looks of things I still strike the odd passerby as a bit of a cradle-robber.

So, more ABCQAL blocks tomorrow. And if I remember I’ll explain why I don’t have any of my blocks sewn yet…


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2 Responses to Yet another benefit of living in England…

  1. 1
    pam says:

    They look so cute and so happy! Happy Birthday to K!

  2. 2
    Maggie Magee says:

    Such a sweet lovely report on the day–and a Very Happy Birthday to K.! Bee is amazing, of course!

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