Working in a Washi Wonderland…

Winter may have just re-emerged here, but my thoughts have already started toward spring with a cacophony of color. And with the thoughts of spring, the quilt plans have followed. Right now I’m playing with one of my favorite lines to come out in a while: Washi, by Rashida Coleman-Hale


The second I got a hold of Washi I knew right away what I wanted to make with it. After my last few quilts (can’t show them yet) with their 1″ squares and wee HSTs I wanted to do something with big swaths of fabric and a whole lot more freedom. For some reason I couldn’t resist more HSTs, but these are big ones, at least big by comparison to what I’ve been up to…


This is only a quarter of it; it is gonna be right big when it is finished. And this is far from the final organization; I managed to pull off a mild miscalculation that has resulted in me ordering more. I thought I had it calculated down to the last scrap being used, but ended up just a wee bit short. What a shame, now I’ll have some left over for my stash… Yay!!!

I so can’t wait to get this quilt on my bed. I’m thinking a lightweight batting so this can just live on our bed all summer long. Lucky me!!!

Anyway, if you haven’t already ordered your Washi you had better get moving; I can’t imagine this staying on shelves for long. And keep your eye out for Rashida, she is a total rockstar!!!


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9 Responses to Working in a Washi Wonderland…

  1. 1

    Absolutely love the fabric and the pattern! Genius strikes again…..

  2. 2

    I bought some of this fabric, but I don’t think I bought enough! That is a great pattern you used too!

  3. 3
    rachael says:

    looks great! i’m a huge washi (and Rashida) fan 🙂

  4. 4
    Katy says:

    Looks fab, love seeing all the prints mixed together like that

  5. 5
    Jodi says:

    I love the quilt! I love Washi! I love the pattern! Do you have a tutorial for making these blocks?

  6. 6
    Justine says:

    I Love this quilt top Thomas! Fantastic Job!

  7. 7
    Vicky says:

    So beautiful!! Please do a tutorial.

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