And now I wait…

Perhaps I ought to explain that a bit.

So, I finally finished my Washi top, but have to wait to quilt it. Not only to I suddenly find myself with a stack of urgent projects again (I swore things were going to slow down after the 15th), but I’m also waiting for a new addition to the studio before I quilt this big boy…


You see, pretty soon I’m gonna have a new sewing machine, and I am just giddy. I’m getting a shiny new Janome Horizon 7700, which will make quilting big quilts so much easier… Yay!!!

So, now I wait, and by wait I mean frantically work on all of the other projects that need my attention until the pretty new machine comes…

Until then I just have to pet the Washi top and dream of sleeping under the finished quilt.


Love you Rashida, and Washi rocks!!!


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6 Responses to Washi!!!

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    Pretty!! Rashida is the best!

  2. 2

    Love the quilt! Congrats on the new machine 🙂

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    Martha Heidt says:

    Happy new machine!! Fun!!
    A thought for you with your new machine–instead of tying a quilt, you might try doing tailor tacks with your machine. I’m sure your new machine can do them. It would give the same effect with much less time, and no sore fingers.

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    frankie says:

    Please explain what Washi fabric is. I like your quilt.

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