Timing Is Everything…

Squeee!!! The book is out! The book is out!

Unbeknownst to me, sometime in the middle of the night, Amazon officially flipped the magical switch that transformed my book from coming soon to available now. The Quilt Design Coloring Workbook with all of its designs, hands-on experiments, and studies in modern art (complete with lots of images from the MoMA permanent collection) is now part of the great big world.

It’s time to see if my pie-in-the-sky thought experiment will find an audience: my bet that I could bring together the joy of coloring, lessons in quilt design, and many of my favorite masters of modern art between the covers of a single book, that there is an audience out there thirsting to both play with colored pencils (or pens or markers or whatever) and expand its design vocabulary, whether that be specifically for quilting, or any number of other creative practices.


Unfortunately, I have more important things on the agenda today, so this short post will have to suffice. You see, today is Bee’s birthday; can you believe my wee girl is eight? I’ll share more about The Quilt Design Coloring Workbook as the week progresses, but today there is an extraordinary girl to celebrate. As important to me as it is that this book do well out there in the universe, I have my priorities straight. Today is for Bee. Today is for dancing and laughing, presents and cake, silliness and a whole lot of love. The book will be there tomorrow, but my girl only turns eight this once…

More later…


PS: Squeeee!!!

PPS: Happy birthday Bee. I love you more and more and more…


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    Barbie says:

    Congratulation on your awesome celebration of your daughters 8th birthday. Love (love,love is) where your priorities lie.

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