This little piggy went to Market…

Of course I forgot to take pictures. Well, I didn’t so much forget as get so wrapped up in the super-amazing-awesomeness that picture-taking just never really happened. I can not even begin to describe just how remarkable Market was for me, on all fronts. I am simply astonished.

Of course there was a lot of hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world. So many events, and dinners, and lunches, and cups of coffee, and walking chats, and booth visits, and more…

Pear Tree and Flock both seem to have done fantastically well. I have to tell you that I was so nervous about really coming out into society; perhaps watching a lot of Jane Austen adaptations the month before Market wasn’t the best idea. Anyway, I am so grateful to everyone for all the fabric love you gave me, and so excited to see all the wonderful things that are going to get made by all of you.

What I was most nervous about was my Schoolhouse. I wasn’t so worried about getting up in front of people and talking; heck I did that for a living for most of my adult life. What I was scared of was doing my Schoolhouse to crickets. Andover books a great big double room and I was terrified of seeing hundreds of empty chairs. Luckily, and astonishingly to me, the room was packed. So thank you to everyone who came. It was so much fun talking about Pear Tree and my quilts.

Of course I neglected to give my camera to someone to document the occasion, but happily the fabulous folks at Fat Quarter Shop had me covered and have agreed to let me borrow some of their pics:

Bird’s Eye View Quilt. (pattern available soon. Pieced by the incredible Candi Weinrick, with amazing quilting by Angela Walters)

Opposites Attract Quilt (pattern available soon; more amazing quilting by Angela Walters. Also a glimpse of my Growth Chart pattern on the table; it has my first attempt at dense quilting.)

Parenthetical Quilt (pattern available soon; even more amazing quilting by Angela Walters)

My Pear Tree Improv Quilt (I really love brown!!! And I actually wrestled this through my wee sewing machine to quilt it.)

This is the back of the improv quilt; you can’t see it all terribly well, but I am pretty sure some variation of this is going to become a quilt top before too very long. I so love doing pieced backs…

Me, hopefully not making a fool of myself…

This is my favorite pic; I love the stack of quilts and pillows all folded up. It makes me happy every time I see it.

I wish I had more pics to share of my trip to Market, but I am so happy it was so full of fun and excitement that I forgot about my camera. Now to see what comes of all the opportunities that seem to have come my way. I am so excited for the coming year, for all the fabric scheduled to come out, and all the designs I have been working on that have yet to see the light of day at all.

Thank you to all of you who make all of this possible, and who make it so much fun. Now if you could all just send me a couple of interns. Eeek!!!


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15 Responses to This little piggy went to Market…

  1. 1
    SarahB says:

    Your quilts all look fantastic! 🙂

    • 1.1
      thomas says:

      Thanks. I’m really happy with how the first set of patterns worked out in real life. Really excited for the next set that I’m working on. Still learning so much!!!

  2. 2
    Kit says:

    Congrats on a “good show”-ing. 🙂

  3. 3
    Candi says:

    Everything came out perfect! Congratulations on a great schoolhouse!

  4. 4

    Being there as a representative of GenQ for schoolhouses, I can tell you that yours was on the top of peoples’ lists. As I told you at the party, I wanted to go, but I took one for the team and went to something else so Jake and Melissa could drool. I’m not bitter.
    But it was still good getting to talk to you before we left! You’re definitely very present in this great big quilting/crafting family. You, sir are a superstar!

  5. 5
    Martha Heidt says:

    Congratulations, Thomas! I am so proud and happy for you!!

  6. 6

    Congratulations!!It sounds like everything went really well. I can’t wait to see your fabric in person.

  7. 7
    Carol Van Zandt says:

    Your Schoolhouse session was great and your enthusiasm contagious. Loved all your quilts, especially Parenthetical Quilt and Opposite attract Quilt, Congratulations on a successful market!

  8. 8
    Teresa says:

    Swooning still from the Parenthetical Quilt. I saw your lovely fabrics and fell in love with the tree print on your bag, but was far too shy to say anything to you at Market. But I noticed and will be looking forward to seeing some of your fabrics and patterns in my own sewing studio soon.

    • 8.1
      thomas says:

      Never be too shy to come chat; I love talking about stuff with everybody. So glad you love Pear Tree; putting the finishing touches on the quilt patterns this week and then they go off to the printer. Hope to have them available by Thanksgiving. And if you see me at the next Market, please come say hi…

  9. 9
    Jennifer says:

    Just found you through Hawthorne Threads Newsletter…what an amazing collection! Those quilts are FANTASTIC, too. It’s so fun discovering new loves; can’t wait to get my hands on your fabric!

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