The plus side of vacations (in pictures)…

While taking time off generally makes me entirely twitchy, there are some positives that make up for the perpetually humming in my brain urging me to get back to work on one thing or another.

So, here are a few of the upsides…







And one of the best things about having a three-year-old on the trip is that when the interstate you are driving on gets closed down you have a perfect excuse to detour to the Hershey Chocolate Factory for a while…


Yay detours!!!


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One Response to The plus side of vacations (in pictures)…

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    Jan says:

    Great happy snaps Thomas. I am a little envious at seeing the lovely sunshine, when I am freezing over here. And what a great detour- wish we had those type of things here. 🙂
    Enjoy your down time.

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