Tangible Progress…

So, this afternoon I was blessed with a healthy chunk of time to hide away in the sewing room and get some work done on the quilt. First there was the job of sewing the blocks together. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t call it a job; it went together lickity-split with only a couple of places where seams awkwardly fail to match up. But I think that will be okay when it all comes together. And if not, well phooey on you.

That accomplished it was time to get to work on the applique. First, I went to the store and picked up a little gift to myself: a pair of shiny new applique scissors. Not only are they super cool looking, but they really do make cutting away the extra layers of pedals from the applique easy. Yay for nifty tools!!!

Anyway, after a couple of test runs with scraps and such I finally settled on a method. I assembled the pedals, zig-zagged them together with cream thread (same color I am going to quilt the majority of it with), and then cut away the excess pedal fabric from the back. Then I zig-zagged the whole floral motif to the quilt in a light blue thread. I am going to alternate between light blue and pink threads for doing this. Just two more whole motifs to do, and five half motifs and then Phase Two is done. Then it will be on to some hand embroidery, and of course I have never done that before either. Typical. But no time like the present, I suppose…

So, I’m glad to report that the first quilt is still going swimmingly, and I am already itching to get to the large bargello quilt I have planned next. Well, not itching to cut out 1,280 small squares, but I am looking forward to piecing it together and seeing the end result. And if that one goes well I may have to have it send out to be long-armed. If it looks anything like what I see in my head it will be stunning…

Well, probably should head back to the applique mines. The minions still haven’t arrived to do it all for me.


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    Dr. S says:

    This is super, super pretty. I really like it.

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