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Exeter (and environs)…

So, I know I’ve skipped London and Leeds, but I just have time today to pop some pics from the Exeter leg of our trip onto the ol’ blogity-blog. There may not be a London post as that was very … Continue reading

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London Calling

EDIT: My talk for the LMQG has moved. It will now be at Ray-Stitch at 5:30PM, still on July 7th!!! Please adjust your calendars accordingly… I know it is a bit cliché to use that as a post title when … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, and the Classy…

Yep, that pretty much sums up our trip to the county fair: the good, the bad, and the classy (someone please throw some air-quotes around classy for me). So, first the good: which is pretty much Bee and Wife, cause … Continue reading

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Yay friends!!!

So, I think we are largely settled back into a routine after the long trip away. We survived the week in the sweltering heat of South Carolina, and safely found our way home. And along the way we even got … Continue reading

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Now this is the way to roadtrip

So, we’re finally on the way back home from our bit of vacation. It was lovely, but totally ready to get back into my studio and get making; gotta get going on my quilt for Modern Relief – Japan. But … Continue reading

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