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What I’d really like to do…

So, here is the new plan: I really want to start doing more workshops and talks for guilds and shops (assuming anyone would have me). But that is just a start. One of the things I would really love to … Continue reading

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So much afoot…

Hi all. So, I’ve been kinda quiet since returning from Quilt Market. Some of that has been physical recovery; Market takes a heck of a lot out of me. And some of it has been due to a frenetic scramble … Continue reading

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Sewing Summit anyone???

Wanna know how busy I’ve been as of late? So busy that I haven’t even had a chance to share the exciting news: I’m going to be teaching at Sewing Summit 2012 this October in Salt Lake City!!! You have … Continue reading

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Roadtrip anyone???

So, I’m thinking about a roadtrip this spring, perhaps in March. You know, just after Flock hits stores. What I’m thinking is that I’d love to go on tour and do some talks and workshops, whether they be fabric or … Continue reading

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