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Go Tell It!

So, while I was at QuiltCon I was lucky enough to do a short interview with the amazing Quilt Alliance for their Go Tell It! series. I was given three minutes, had a mic clipped to me, and was told … Continue reading

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Bitchin Camaro…

So, with the aid of Spoonflower, and the prompting of a new nickname for the amazing Victoria I seem to have ventured into the land of wall quilts… Wait, perhaps I ought to give a bit of backstory. So, why … Continue reading

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Let me put this bluntly…

After a few of the comments on my post about certain responses to the Give a Fuck quilt out here in the Interwebs I think that perhaps I need to be a bit more direct, that my analytical approach left … Continue reading

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Doppelgänger (Redux)

So, you’ve seen the other two quilts I had in the QuiltCon show (Martha and Right Here). I’m finally getting to the third one (as usual I got distracted by essay writing). You’ve seen Doppelganger before, I think; it was … Continue reading

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On Surface and Substance…

I am going to start with a general proposition. I am going to theorize about it. And then I am going to get to the reason for the statement. I do no want to let the impetus overshadow the discussion. … Continue reading

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