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On Doodling…

I really never have been much of a doodler. Seriously, in all the years in art school I never once kept a sketchbook; I wrote about ideas rather than drew them. But this whole Muscular Dystrophy thing has made me … Continue reading

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It is hard to believe that the wee girl who declared herself an “uber-fairie-princess” yesterday could be such a devil today. I’m sure the HKPP isn’t helping, but the wee monster has completely knackered me. I will not sell my … Continue reading

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Slow and quiet…

Since my HKPP has decided to kick my proverbial ass this weekend, the key words have become slow and quiet. There isn’t much I can do, but at a certain point being bedridden becomes counter productive. So, after some healthy … Continue reading

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OMG!!! (Yep, I just started a post with OMG… Oy.) I leave for Quilt Market tomorrow. I am so insanely excited. There are so many people I am looking forward to meeting, and so much that I want to see. … Continue reading

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A WIP and an update…

I must admit that I am totally amazed by my online quilting community. Yesterday I posted about my plan to make a queen-sized No-Repeat Scrap Vomit Quilt (so named by Katy at ImAGingerMonkey). In the twenty-four hours since I put … Continue reading

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