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Set the Table…

Confession: I have a terrible weakness, one I probably should never admit. I am a sucker for Karen Burns; when she writes to ask me to do something I cannot say no. Luckily she never asks for anything I am … Continue reading

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Modern Designs for Classic Quilts

I’m a big fan of logic. Now I’m not saying I’m all Vulcan like Mr. Spock, but there is certainly a little bit of Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory) in me. Any of you out there who have ever met … Continue reading

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Blocks anyone???

Who would have guessed four years ago when I bought Bee eight sets of alphabet blocks — including sign language and braille — that I’d be doing a post about blocks that had nothing to do with my typography obsession. … Continue reading

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Geared for Guys

I may not be the typical guy, but the idea of stuff for guys usually confuses me. Representations of guys on TV and in advertising give an odd and disturbing perspective: seeing enough Axe deodorant ads and the pre-game graphics … Continue reading

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So, after a week or so of chaos around here I am finally getting around to announcing the winners of the big fabric giveaway. Remember winners, you are solemnly sworn to make a quilt from at least some of this … Continue reading

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