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Fabric Pull…

A lot of the time I like working with a single fabric collection. I think most of this comes from being a fabric designer: I like figuring out the interconnections between between the prints in a collection as well as … Continue reading

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Asbury Supermodel…

I still have lots of fabulous Frippery projects to show you; heck I am a bit behind on that front, but I always seem to be. I love the thinking about, writing about, and making of things, but always dread … Continue reading

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So, I am slow. I mean really, really slow, at least when it comes to getting to this post. It is a testament to just how slim my grasp on things has been as of late. But none of that … Continue reading

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What’s in a name???

So, with a bit of prompting from the wonderful Brenda I finally got around to naming the prints in Frippery. I had fallen out of the habit since Andover doesn’t use names for prints. But since I just heard that … Continue reading

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Looking Forward…

While I have been neck-deep in chaos of late I’m almost starting to feel like I might be getting vaguely caught up, or at least not so far behind that it takes binoculars to even see today. And that is … Continue reading

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