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Sewing Bee: Pride

Learning something new can be profoundly intimidating, especially for a five-year-old. There’s not really a lot that can be done about that fact, but there are ways to help people through learning. And when teaching something to your own kids, … Continue reading

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So, after taking some time away from fabric design (hopefully temporary) and just about everything else, I am starting to re-emerge from my hermitage re-engage with the quilting world. And with that I am encountering some of the same things … Continue reading

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Sewing Bee…

I’ve wanted to start teaching Bee to sew for a while now, but have been nervous about doing so. She is a complicated girl, and I was wary of beginning too soon, causing an emotional meltdown, and having her decide … Continue reading

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Happy Accidents wrought of neurosis…

Last night I got the first look at the full design of my book, and I barely got past the fourth page: it’s the dedication page. I just stopped there and knew I just loved the book… I love that … Continue reading

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There’s a reason I don’t draw, at least not with pencil and paper. Or paint, or anything of that ilk, if we are going down that path. I just can’t do it. Seriously. I’ve tried. I have an undergraduate and … Continue reading

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