Settling in and Moral Philosophy…

Well, we seem to be settling in quite nicely. Bee has made fast friends with the neighbor children. Her new, dear friend Alice is seen here. Well, not quite seen, but carefully hidden in a pair of our new storage bins…


And Babbit has begun holding court on the back patio. One of the neighbor boys, James, is especially enamoured with Babbit, especially his nickname: Mr. Round…


And Bee seems to be adjusting quickly to the new time; breakfast is once again happening at breakfast time. This morning even involved a fine discussion of moral philosophy. In a story we were reading a character had to choose between stealing something to save a lot of people, or not stealing because stealing is bad. At first Bee came down on the side of not stealing, but after a few sentences she had a rethink and decided saving people was more good than stealing was bad.

This of course prompted a lovely, long conversation on moral dilemmas, Kantian philosophy vs. Utilitarianism, and the nature of morality itself. Bee seems to have the makings of a future great moral philosopher (as long as it includes toast with jam)…


Well, more later. Have to kick the Braille Quilt-A-Long soon. May or may not have my sewing machine by then, but if not I’ll just have to improvise. Staples work, right???


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3 Responses to Settling in and Moral Philosophy…

  1. 1
    Alyce says:

    I love hearing how mature Bee and her thinking is! I’m glad you’re settling in well 🙂

  2. 2
    Mary Ann says:

    So glad Bee doesn’t worry about the small stuff, like Belle or Aurora but goes straight for the tough stuff! If you can’t find the staples try glue sticks!

  3. 3
    Jane B says:

    Hand sewing? Bee is well along on Maslow’s scale . . . Way ahead of schedule developmentally but you already knew that.

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