Saturday with a Rock Star…

Now that Bee has started school I have grown to really love Saturdays. Before school every day kind of ran together, at least structurally, but now that Bee has to be places on time and the like Saturday is extra wonderful because we don’t have to get right up and do stuff. This morning she and I spent fifteen minutes just snuggling together and watching the universe (the stars that Babbit’s new star-projecting nightlight casts upon the walls and ceiling).

Saturday has also become the day for just doing stuff: going to the Market as a family, getting a jump on Bee’s homework for the weekend, and baking, though I seem to bake everyday these days. This morning I finally picked up a kitchen scale so I could have my first go at proper scones (all baking recipes over here seem to be by weight)…


We opened the package of knitting from Grandma that arrived last night…


And we even started Babbit on finger food. It seems his reluctance to eat may be because he just wants to do it himself (even if he is not quite certain of the actually act of eating)…


All this before noon. That’s why I love Saturday…

Oh, and the rock star; apparently that is me. At least according to the New England Quilt Museum. I have two quilts (In Defense of Handmade and Chimera) in their upcoming exhibition The Roots of Modern:


Who knew I was a rock star, though from now on I shall have to request “punk rock star” instead. To borrow the response of my beloved friend James (who I have known since my first day of college): Kick out the Quilts Motherfuckers!!!

Get out there and get sewing everybody; it’s that kind of weekend…


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3 Responses to Saturday with a Rock Star…

  1. 1

    Your name is sandwiched in there among the best! Well deserved.

  2. 2
    Mary Ann says:

    You keep company with the best Thomas.

  3. 3
    Maggie Magee says:

    Yay! super star(s)! Sounds like a really good show! Had to look up the New England Quilt Museum to see where is was and it’s in Lowell, Mass. Will be in Maine in November and hope I can take a trip to Lowell while there. We shall see–

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