Hi all…

So, we have indeed arrived here in Cambridge safe and sound. Well, safe at least; we may have frayed a bit around the edges along the way (sleep deprivation can do that). Our flat is lovely, and it even has a perfect spot for me to sew. A quick trip to Ikea filled in a few gaps, and the thirteen boxes we shipped should be here soon (can’t wait for the boxes of quilts and fabric to arrive!!!).

Everyone is settling in: Bee has already made friends and Babbit is as contented as ever. And before long K and I may actually get to find routines of our own and get back to work; perhaps once Bee starts up at school…

Speaking of school, with just 10 days until the first day of class the city council still has not deemed it necessary to inform us just which school Bee shall be enrolled in. We’re not nervous at all (insert sarcasm signifier here). Starting to look into possible private school options… Ack!!!

Anyway, I’ll get back to regular writing, making, and picture taking soon. In the meantime, here’s a pic of Bee doing her best impression of a fabric stash…



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    Joanne Jones says:

    Why doesn’t that surprise me 🙁 Really hope she gets into a good school soon (just hassle the fuck out of the council on Tuesday – speak to anyone and everyone) and good luck with the settling in!

  2. 2

    Knowing how useless councils here are, you will need to chase them constantly until they tell you where she is allocated. Unlike the US, schools fall into categories as they are inspected regularly. She is too bright for a failing school so you will need to push for a good school. Talk to other parents and they can point you in the right direction.

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    thomas says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. Our real concern is that Bee will end up in one of the two “inadequate” schools in Cambridge, which would also involve a taxi across the city. We will push the council, but that is why we are starting to look into private schools just in case. At least here a year of private school does not cost as much as college, or maybe it does here relative to college tuition here, but the only private school within an hour of us in the States is 20K+ dollars a year…

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    Mary Ann says:

    Everyone looks happy and excited! Hope the school questions get resolved quickly, we know Bee will drive right in anywhere but we don’t want Papa fretting.

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    Jane B says:

    Good luck on your adventure. Here’s to a great school for the lovely Bee.

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    Katy says:

    I may be wrong now, but it used to be in England/Wales that schools had to provide all children within their catchment area with a place, and it was only if you were outwith the catchment area and trying to attend the school that you would have to negotiate on whether or not there was space, so fingers crossed it’s your local one, and that it’s good!

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