Quilt Matters: Essay Two…


Just got my copy of the newest issue of Quilter’s Newsletter, which means the second installment of my Quilt Matters series is out there in the world. This one is all about the word “simple” and involves me giving some love to the wonderful Heather Jones (one of the first people I got to know here in the quilting world). Heather was gracious to let me talk a bit about her Silo quilt in discussing the misunderstandings of simplicity.

And right on the heels of finding the last issue (with my first Quilt Matters essay) right here in Cambridge, in the WH Smith even…


I gotta admit, I do love seeing my words in print.

So, run on out and get your copy, or do so as soon as the new issue hits the newsstands. And go get the last issue if you haven’t already; surely you want to collect all of my QN essays…


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    I’m so glad you are writing this series. I’ve been a long time subscriber of QNM and love their magazine because it has tons of great articles to read. Thanks for adding to the mix! Heather is the bomb! (As are you!)
    Can’t wait to read it.

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