Quilt Market Surprise!!!

Hi all!!! Want to hear my exciting news?

I hope so ’cause I’m telling it…

Well, I just found out that Andover is planning to pre-sell my first line, Pear Tree, at Spring Market. This wasn’t originally the plan, but apparently the response thus far has been great, so they made the decision to get it out there, on paper at least, right now!!!


I almost bounced through the roof when I got that phone call!!! I’ve been frantically printing extra copies all weekend, and just sent them off in the mail today!!!

So, if you are coming to Market, and want to get a sneak peek at Pear Tree, come on by the Andover booth; they are booth #800. It’s still seems like it’ll be forever before it hits cotton, but right now I am just so excited that people are going to get to see my baby!!! (Well, my other baby; Bee isn’t coming to Market this time around.)

I’m gonna have to see if I can get permission to put up some sneak peek here in blogland for those of you not coming to Market; I hate to leave you out. You know I love the dickens out of you!!!

Oh, and the countdown to Market is now officially down to single digits!!! Yay!!!

(Pardon all the exclamation points.)


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16 Responses to Quilt Market Surprise!!!

  1. 1
    pam says:

    Congratulations! I know how super exciting this is!

    • 1.1
      thomas says:

      Thank you so much. I am utterly astonished and amazed!!! I feel so incredibly lucky!!! People had better duck at Market ’cause the hugs are going to be flying!!!

  2. 2
    Ruth says:

    Fantastic news! I think with news as good as that you’re allowed as many exclamation points as you like!

  3. 3

    Now I’m DEFINITELY going to make sure my boss swings by the Andover booth! How exciting! 🙂

    • 3.1
      thomas says:

      Thank you!!! That really means a lot to me, and not just professionally. The love you all have shown me has meant so much this year. Really helped me re-find myself in so many ways.

  4. 4
    Dr. S says:

    NICE. Rock out, dude.

  5. 5
    bernadette says:

    just found out about you cant wait to see you at market…..

  6. 6
    sally says:

    Yay, Thomas!!! 🙂 can’t wait to swing by that booth and see your sweet designs up close!! yipeeeeee!!! see you in 9 days!! wow!! I need to get packing!

  7. 7
    Andrew J says:

    Congratulations! Although I won’t be at market, I know a couple people who will be, so I’ll tell them to stop by. Can’t wait to see what you make from your fabulous new line!

  8. 8

    You must be OVERLY EXCITED about this news ! WOW ! is this your first market ? If so WOW !! exciting times !!

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