Phase Two: Complete

Alright everybody. Phase Two is now complete; all of the applique flowers, half-flowers, and the quarter-flower are in place. I am totally going to have to go into an applique frenzy for one of these upcoming quilts; I’m talking like crazy insane and stuff. Maybe even a bazillion little pieces. Okay, maybe not a bazillion, but a whole lot…

So this is what the quilt looks like now:

Next up is the embroidery. I have a hoop, some floss, a needle and my game-face all ready. Now it is time to do some stitching. Hopefully I’ll have another progress report soon.


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    Heather says:

    Go big or go home, huh? I think I did a big block quilt for my first one…applique and embroidery? Wow! So impressed…love, love, love it!

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      tknauer says:

      Thanks so much. I have a few seams that don’t line up the way they should though. Grr… I’ve been doing applique for a while now so that just seemed a natural fit, and I am just doing some rather simple embroidery (backstitching and a few French knots). And after learning to sew by making kids’ dresses I must admit that piecing this has seemed a bit of a breeze. Oh, but the plans I have for the next few; let’s just say we’ll start really cooking with gas before too long…

      But thanks for the kudos. This has been a great learning project. And it really is moving along with a minimum of fuss. I am kinda surprised myself at how quickly it is coming together. I expected to have until some time in January before I would have to worry about just how I would quilt it; now that seems to be positively looming. And that is the bit that really has me worried…

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