I’ve never been much of a collector. Even my fabric stash, which is growing at last, is very pragmatic. I love stuff as much as the next person, but I seem to be more of a collector by proxy, a collection enabler if you will.


But I think the bug has bitten me on this past trip: I am obsessed with hotel sewing kits. I’ve seen them a million times before, but something about the idea this time just struck a cord. Perhaps it is because sewing is now a major part of my life, or the fact that as I move into more digitally-oriented processes (like Spoonflower and my new endeavors in computer-aided quilting and embroidery) the simple sewing kit in a hotel room seems a wonderful reminder of the core of hand processes I rely upon.

Either way, I’ve started my collection. It’s going to take a long time to build this one up. Of course of any of you enablers want to help…


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    Mary Margaret says:

    I have an accidental collection of sewing kits that started a gazillion years ago when my dad brought one home from a stay on the QE2. Have fun with yours!

    p.s. Thesaurus is just wonderful! The brilliant, happy colors make me think of my youngest daughter so I am called to make her something or other from them! Nice work!

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    Jane B says:

    Have you seen the collections that Dale Chilhuly has on display at the cafe at his Garden & Glass exhibit in Seattle. Very cool…

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