So, all is chaos here as we begin the final push toward getting ourselves to Cambridge for the next year, but that doesn’t mean things have stopped happening. The first of my feature commentaries for Quilter’s Newsletter has hit the stands (or at least has finally shown up here in Utica) and I am ridiculously excited. I think it looks great, and I gotta say I am kinda proud of this bit of writing…

(And yes, that is probably the tidiest spot in my studio right now…)

Victoria graciously allowed me to write about Double-Edged Love to exemplify some of the ideas in the piece and to use pictures of her and Lisa’s work. Thanks to both of them!!!

And now I get to look forward to seeing the next one in print in a couple of months as I apply the finishing touches to the third in the series. Oh, and inspiration hit last night for the piece after that…

Have I mentioned that I love writing, especially about quilts. Yay words!!!

So, if you haven’t already it’s time to dash on out and get your copy. Seriously, go do it.



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    You should be proud because it is outstanding! I am so looking forward to the next one, and the next one…and I am so happy that you DO love writing, since you do it so well! Thanks!

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    Joanne Jones says:

    Good luck with the rest of your packing and the move – that’s a long flight with two little ones!! Fingers crossed that the weather holds for your arrival and I’m off to check out your article.

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    […] excited to have designer Thomas Knauer on board for a new series of feature commentaries that he’s calling “Quilt […]

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    Just read the article in QNL; so glad someone is addressing the “why” of modern quilting. Idon’t entirely agree with you but I was fascinated by your comments about the double wedding ring quilt. I’ve thought a lot about the Why Now? (and it figures largely in a novel I’ve just finished and hope to eventually publish). In a general way I think many younger quilters have been off put by the increasingly baroque complexity of the kind of quilts that are winning prizes in the big shows. I’m finding all the fussy piecing with applique added, embellishments, and extravagant long-arm quilting on top so saccharine they give me a stomach ache. Modern quilts are totally refreshing, clean and simple with their clear colors. It had to happen, many people want quick results and don’t want to spend two years and more than $300 on fabric and quilting. I could get more philosophical about the sociology of how women lives today but that will do for a start.

    It’s an especially good sign that an old warhorse like QNL (which I’ve read almost since its beginnings) welcomes your thoughts. I’ll look forward to future articles of yours.

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    I enjoyed reading this article. It was cool because I had just read about you in the latest issue of Fab Shop News, too! Nice work 🙂

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