So, in just two days we’ll be out of the house. And in a mere two weeks we’ll be on a plane for England. A lot of you have already heard that we are moving to England, but aren’t sure just why…

Well, K (my wife) is a literature professor here in the middle of nowhere, and she has a fellowship at Cambridge for the year. So, we are packing up what we need and moving across the pond for the next twelve months. K is going to finish her book, Bee is going to start school, and Mr. Babbit and I will spend our days finding the best produce, pastries, and places to play.

Of course I’ll be stitching and designing as well. My lovely friends at Janome are setting me up with a machine there and I have lots of fabric on the way, along with a few WIPs already making their way across the ocean so I can hit the ground running.

We are insanely excited. We’ve spent a good deal of time over the years in the UK, and Bee loved her extended visit to England and Wales last summer. I’m looking forward to lots of time with Mr. Babbit, time I didn’t have with Bee when she was his age thanks to all of my HKPP issues. I’m also looking forward to a few of the projects I have planned, along with getting a serious jump on the next book.

Oh, and we’re really just looking forward to being there; the UK just always feels like home to us. So, there you go. We’re moving, but we’ll be back. And even though I probably shouldn’t, I am starting to work on figuring out a way go come back for Spring Market. We shall see…


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    Make sure you visit the Eagle Pub in Cambridge. Many, many airmen who we stationed there during WWll (my father an RCAF Pathfinder, was one) used their cigarette lighters to burn their names or initials in the ceiling of the Pub. It was declared a historic site or something like that and can’t be removed. A little but of history! We spent a sabatical year in Newcastle and our daughter started school there at the age of 4, best school system anywhere. She got a great start! Good luck and enjoy!
    Barbara in Nova Scotia

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    Lisa Sipes says:

    OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!! Pittsburgh!! Sooooo close to me, I hope you can make it!
    I’m excited for you in all of your future endeavors, both in the UK and otherwise. Love you to the moon and back, mister!

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    Esther F. says:

    Good luck in the upcoming weeks! I wish for you all the best in your new home-for-the-next-year in the UK. And if you ever want to come over to mainland Europe, you are more than welcome!

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    Ashlee says:

    Say hi to my birthland! And be sure to go punting on the Cam, such gorgeous views! Good luck and eat as many pastries, pasties, and afternoon teas as you possibly can!

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    Joanne Jones says:

    Bring plenty of fabric with you – it’s so expensive here! I really hope you have an awesome year here!

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    Daryl Roth says:

    Have a fantastic year! Look forward to your posts and observations when across the pond!

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