thomas-knauer-sews-book-coverOver the past few years, terms like traditional and modern have been used in myriad ways, often placed in some sort of strange dichotomy. Assumptions abound as to what each of these terms means, but too often each seems to be reduced largely to stylistic markers; the surface features take precedence over context and rationale.

This book is an attempt to sidestep that seeming opposition in favor of a perspective that embraces the vastness of possibility. All of these quilts began as a conceptual journey, taking inspiration from concerns personal and political, cultural and emotional. In many ways, every quilt is a starting over, a rethinking of assumptions to find the core of a concept and transform it into a quilting vocabulary. Each project represents a pairing of concept and form; each idea becomes more resonant through being embodied in a quilt and gains additional significance as it is incorporated into someone’s home and life.

These quilts are all over the place conceptually and aesthetically, which only seems appropriate, as that very much reflects my life. Th is book, taken as a whole, attempts to express just how complicated, tragic and wonderful life is. It strives to bring voice to that reality and hopefully to inspire others to think deeply about their practice, to incorporate their lives into their quilts and then, more importantly, to incorporate their quilts into their lives. I hope these quilts will resonate with readers and bring form to concerns and passions that they may share. But more than anything, I hope it serves as a stepping-off point for thousands of new quilts, new voices and new ideas.

Finally, I hope this book opens doors for people outside the quilting community and offers a perspective that may bring new practitioners and audiences to a tradition I have come to love and respect.

(From the introduction to Modern Quilt Perspectives…)

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