Merry Xmas…

It is indeed a Merry Xmas for me; I get this family for Xmas. And next year we’ll be one person bigger… Yay!!!


And after we all finish breakfast and get dressed and stuff I’ll get to see if Santa brought what I asked for: socks, a pretty hat, and a new Quantum physics book. I’m a man of simple needs…

By the way, I just realized that I am actually using my Facebook page a whole lot more these days, so if you want to get the occasionally inside skinny, or just more pics of the adorable Bee, or catch a few extra rants and tirades head on over there. It’s like a weird snapshot of what’s really going on in my brain…

Yay brain!!!


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3 Responses to Merry Xmas…

  1. 1
    Mary Ann says:

    Merry Christmas Thomas, K and Bee!

  2. 2
    Maggie Magee says:

    Happy Christmas to you and your beautiful family! Hope Santa brought all the stuff you requested.

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