This is my daily mantra. It is so easy to make shitty things, and often they feel good to make, they just happen easily and I get sucked into thinking they are just fine. Well, they ain’t. They’re shitty. Only awesome will do. Making deserves to be more than something fun or whatever; it deserves to be of value and a practice that is highly valued. It deserves serious regard and my entire attention. I’m not making string art owls in the basement; I am trying to tell meaningful stories and address profound issues. Whether it be a quilt that rages against domestic violence or fabric designs born of my daughters fears of forgetting her new favourite city, making matters. Being pretty ain’t enough for my children; they will grow up to brilliant and engaged and will change the world. Why should I expect anything less of what I do?

So this year I will remind myself every day to not fall into the trap and accept good enough…

And to stop making shitty things…


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    Laurel Rudolph says:


    It gives an extra layer to the quilt when you add the attention to detail and the thoughtfulness of design.

    It’s good to be mindful of this while I’m working on my latest quilt.

    Thank you!

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    collette says:

    I kind of find this strange. Are you saying that awesome = perfect?? And who decides what is awesome?? I strive with every quilt I make to produce my best work. What are these shitty things you speak of? I look back to my first ever quilt and some may say it was shitty(me included) however it was my first step into this wonderful world of quilting, made for my daughter and full of excitement at the new world opened to me. So who decides what is shitty?? Xx

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    Janet Monahan says:

    Interesting reactions so far. I can’t agree more with the mantra, however, it should mean different things to different people. Colette make do her best work that to someone else, seems “less than perfect”. I am very hard on myself and while I don’t feel that anything I do is “perfect”, I really do strive for my work to be better than just “good enough”.
    I also teach sewing and quilting and struggle with the need to impart the desire for excellence versus the crafty “good enough” mentality.
    “stop Making Shitty Things” was YOUR personal mantra, which I wholeheartedly agree with for MYSELF. I did not receive it as a statement toward others!

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    Leanne says:

    Good plan, I see no point in doing less than your best with each quilt or other project. However, your best today will not be as good as what you can do tomorrow, that does not make today’s work shitty.

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