I need an extra arm and a second brain…

A sane person might wish for an intern, but I am apparently not a sane person. I seriously wish I had an extra arm and a second brain. I don’t think this is an unrealistic goal.

I mean seriously, if Stallarc can have a third hand why can’t I have an extra arm???

And if Doctor Two Brains can have a mouse brain grafted onto his head, why can’t I have a second brain so I can sew and correspond at once??? (Thanks to Bee for getting me hooked on Word Girl.)

Is this too much to ask???

I think not.


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4 Responses to I need an extra arm and a second brain…

  1. 1
    jill says:

    Yes, but then all your fabric would have to be about rare cheeses, and although I know some designers specialize, I’m not sure how many cheese related lines of fabric you could market.

  2. 2

    I’d prefer to have a clone of myself. I’d look weird with an extra arm. : ) Isn’t Word Girl great?

  3. 3
    Catathonia says:

    My favorite villain, personally, has always been two brains, followed up by lady redundant.

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