I am terrible at Xmas

I really am terrible at Xmas. I mean I am just crap at it. It may be because I am a devout heathen, but I am pretty sure it is because my ability to remember to do everything is just crap…

Apparently there are miraculous people out there who not only remember to send out holiday cards, but actually do handmade stuff. And they don’t just send these cards to their immediate family; they remember all of their friends and acquaintances and stuff. It just seems so implausible to me, but it’s true. I am not sure whether to fear these people or to love them. I think I’ll stick with a little of both.


Thanks for the card Erin; Bee loves the tree…

Oh, and I have a New Year’s resolution too. I resolve to remain simply crap at holidays and stuff. I don’t think I have actually gotten holiday cards to my family in a couple of decades, and have been known to not get Xmas presents to people until July…

That’s how big of a miracle hitting my book deadlines is going to be. I am not lazy, just always taking on a thousand more projects than I should.

Yay overload!!!

And Happy New Year everyone…


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    I never get to the holiday cards either 🙂 Also guilty of too many projects. Happy New Year!

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    Erin says:

    Oh YAY!!! I’m so sorry I missed this when you first published;). You’re very welcome for the holiday card and I’m so thrilled that Bee likes the tree! I’m not always great at the holiday hoopla. In fact, this year is the first ever that we’ve really done cards. That said, being that it was the first year I got to work with such amazing creative people (like you!) I figured I should do a little something extra. Now, I’m just worried that I’ve set myself up to fail for 2013’s Holiday Season. Be prepared to get a mass email instead of an ornament;).Happy New Year!!

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