Happy, happy, happy…

So, when I got my sample yardage of Savanna Bop I asked a few sewing and fabric friends if they they would be interested in playing with some the early fabric (it’s one of the things we fabric designers do because we can only make so much without either altering space-time or developing a serious amphetamine habit).

One of the fabulous people I asked was Melanie Thornton (aka Melanie Dramatic). I knew she was planning to make a wee dress and perhaps a couple of quilts, but when I saw the dress she made I just went all happy, happy, happy…

Savanna Bop is actually the first collection I designed, way back when. I designed it with Bee in mind, at a point when I had barely even considered quilting (hard to remember a time before I made quilts now) and assumed I would be making dresses endlessly. I still plan to make Bee some Savanna Bop dresses (after Market I hope), but seeing this dress just made me so very happy, happy, happy…

I love the idea of wee ones all over the place running around in Savanna Bop dresses (or shirts, hats, pants, what-have-you). Thank you so much Melanie for playing with some Savanna Bop and for making me (and hopefully the little one who will get this dress) so ridiculously giddy…

Oh, and I can’t wait to show off the quilts Melanie made too, but that may have to wait until after Market. I still have some embroidery patterns to pull together…

Oh, haven’t I mentioned those??? Well, that’s a whole other post…


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4 Responses to Happy, happy, happy…

  1. 1
    Melissa says:

    What a gorgeous dress! Looks like fabric I need to make some dresses for my little one – I only made my second dress last weekend. Quilts have always been more my comfort zone but I am trying to branch out for the sake of my little one’s wardrobe! LOL

  2. 2
    SarahB says:

    I do believe it’s impossible not to smile while looking at this sweet dress! Happy, happy, happy is the perfect name for it! 🙂 Nice work Thomas and Melanie!

  3. 3
    Sally says:

    What a terrific dress! Oh why didn’t I sew when my children were little?!? If you get the urge you can send me some Savanna Bop – I’m besotted with it! I think it would work beautifully in a sashed tumbler layout! No, wait, Jaybird’s Chopsticks pattern! No, wait….

  4. 4
    Freddie says:

    That is cute. I like make dresses for my girls and have made quite a few out of fabric that is in the quilt section at the fabric shop.

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