Getting So Big…

Soon I will be embarking on the process of making my first quilt, which will undoubtedly come with a lot of blogging, a whole lot of mishaps, and a bucketload of questions for my quilting friends. But in the meantime I think today is a good day for another Little One post; she keeps getting so big. Heck she’s even trying to wear her Mama’s shoes now…

Not only that, but this year she even sat on Santa’s lap all by herself:

Alas, I couldn’t be there to see her visit Santa, but I have it on good authority that she was very happy and excited to see him. Quite unlike last year when she only managed to sit on Mama’s lap while Mama perched precariously on Santa’s knee:

Yep, she’s getting so big. soon she’ll be off to study literature at Kenyon. Sigh…


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    Dr. S says:

    I believe that part of the increased joy on her face is the result of her having such much more stylish and awesome clothing to wear this year. 😉

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