Fat Quarterly (the Modern Quilt Perspectives blog tour)…

(It is just a short post today because my body has pretty much given out after a very long day yesterday. But thanks to FQly for taking part in the MQP blog tour; you can read Lynne’s lovely review right here…)

thomas-kanuer-sews-fqlyI have long loved Fat Quarterly. Everyone there has been so kind to me, and they gave me many of my early chances around here in the quilting world, which is why I am so glad that Fqly is taking part in the blog tour. It seems like an eternity that I took part in my first sewing challenge with them, for Daisy Janie’s Shades of Grey collection. I think that may have been the first time I had anything I had sews out there besides on my own blog. And since then we have done a challenge together, and hung out at Markets, and grown in the fabric world side by side.

And now this year I get to teach at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London. If you don’t know about that, go read up and get your tickets. It is a fantastic event, and I couldn’t be more excited to get to take part…


So, head on over to Fat Quarterly to read their review of Modern Quilt Perspectives

And thanks to everyone at FQly for taking part in the Modern Quilt Perspectives blog tour, and for having me this summer. And thank you Lynne for all of your kind words…


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    Joanne Jones says:

    I have just finished writing up something I have made for one of their upcoming issues. Very pleased they take a punt on people like me who have no experience! Still hoping I win one of the weekend tickets to the FQR (no spare cash) – would be a lot of fun.

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    Jessamie says:

    How cool that you’ll be at the retreat! I already couldn’t wait to go!! And my copy of.the book is finally in the post and I will be able to read it for myself!! So excited 🙂

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