Since 2011 I have designed seven collections: Pear Tree, Flock, Savanna Bop, Frippery, Asbury, and Thesaurus for Andover Fabrics and most recently Wanderlust for Kokka. Each collection tells a story that is both specific and universal, drawing on particular experiences to weave together themes and concepts into a larger picture that speaks to an incredibly diverse audience. For me fabric is more than just pattern and color, it is the material for putting together our individual stories in the quilts, garments, and objects we make.

After largely taking a hiatus from fabric design in 2014 to focus on exhibiting quilts, writing, and other media projects I expect to be returning to textile design in the not so distant future…

thomas knauer fabric designs: pear tree flock savanna bop frippery asbury thesaurus wanderlust

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Even though I have been on that aforementioned hiatus, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped designing fabric altogether. I’m still compulsively sketching away, building up a ridiculous archive of ideas, shapes, colors, and sketches. At this point I likely have hundreds, but below are just a few of them… (I told you I was compulsive, right?)


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