So, Savanna Bop is currently hitting shops all over the US and in Onlinelandia as well, and I have oodles of things made from Savanna Bop to show off!!!

I have quilts!!!


I have all new embroidery patterns!!!


I may even have a little this and that!!!

Just not yet…

You see Savanna Bop hit shops a month before it was supposed to and all of these things are not quite ready yet. Patterns need to be finished up, photos need to be taken, and a couple of things need finishing up…

So, I’m sorry to say all of that will have to wait. I promise it will be happen, and I wish I could be sharing right now, but you know what they say: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…


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    Mary Ann says:

    Can’t hardly wait! My granddaughter Ilika needs all these things, Elephants are a sign of good fortune as well as being too darn cute for words!

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