Dear World, Thank you…

So, I am completely astonished at the generosity of everybody. It took less than 24 hours to get the 225+ volunteers I needed to participate in my super-secret quilt project.

Thanks everybody for signing up.

I will get some more details to you all in about a month (when I get back from the trip to the UK), and will send out the block packets in early September.

You are all remarkable!!!

Yay you!!!


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3 Responses to Dear World, Thank you…

  1. 1
    Mary ann says:

    Have a great vacation Thomas! Looking forward to hearing about Bee’s meeting with the Queen!

  2. 2
    suzanne says:

    Have a great vacation Thomas! I wish I could help you with the packets….I would be willing to do that, if you get in a pinch….this is great that you got all you needed and so quickly!

  3. 3
    Dianna Stamper says:

    Have a nice trip! I am excited to learn more about your mystery project.

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