Coming soon…

As I expected I am entirely addicted to machine embroidery; it fits my design approach perfectly. It also lets me do designs that will need anywhere from thirty thousand to a more than a quarter of a million stitches, though those bigger ones are going to have to wait a bit until I really get comfortable with some of the more technical aspects. Not that I am going to go easy on myself; this one is titled “Intertessellation: Derrida’s Alphabet.”


So get ready, this is shaping up to be a summer of some serious embroidery action; I may even find myself drifting back to those gallery spaces I spent so much time in back in my previous life…


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    Ivy says:

    Wow, that’s a giant hoop! What kind of machine is that? I have a Baby Lock Sofia2, which comes with a tiny 4″ hoop. Just enough for me to try the great designs at Urban Threads–and they’re cheap because they’re so small 🙂

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