Colors, colors, colors…


This is what it looks like as I start really getting into the colors of a collection. Yes, I color my designs, but then the long process of translation begins: from my screen to my printouts, from those to Andover’s system, from there to Andover’s printouts, and from those to the strike-offs, and finally to the actual production. There are a lot of steps and each one of them is tedious to me.

You have to remember I spent vast quantities of my life doing experimental new media stuff where everything went to computer screens, and since I couldn’t control each user’s screen close enough was more than good enough. Hell, half the time color was dynamically generated based on a whole matrix of algorithms. And before that I spent a lot of time making stuff that never actually existed. And then there was the ugly stuff…

I love color; I just don’t really like working with it. I just want it to magically spring from my mind and onto the fabric. But alas, I still have to slog through all of the translation processes. I need a good Vulcan who could mind meld with me and then just take care of it. Or maybe a swarm of color pixies…

Then I could spend more time with Bee; I’m starting to worry about her. Not only is she flipping the cactus the bird; I am pretty sure she is flashing some pre-K gang sign…


Okay, maybe not, though I always do want more time with her…

Yay Bee!!!


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3 Responses to Colors, colors, colors…

  1. 1
    Lisa M says:

    Hahaha. Indeed. They do flash gang signs at a such young age!

  2. 2
    Pétra says:

    All those colors I can’t even imagine!
    It seems like you have some pretty tough schools over there on the east coast!
    I never knew my bigfoot Dali question was on your about page! A very interesting answer hmmm

  3. 3
    Marcia W. says:

    While one hand looks like B. is attempting a bird, the other hand by her side looks like a peace sign, OR maybe she is trying to learn the Vulcan sign. I was visiting today to find the book tour post. Normally I visit on Fridays. I didn’t remember that it took so much to move designs between computer systems. As used to make a living as a geek, I know that pixel colors from one monitor (or even tv) to another have differences and there are software issues to work around.

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