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Every once in a while I remember something about myself: I’m really no good with those pretty colors, and I am terrible at appropriate color palettes. What I am good at is jamming a bunch of awkward colors together and making them work. Those are the colors that I love, the colors that ought to be hideous but somehow aren’t, those in between colors, and those combos that just shouldn’t happen.

It seems that I have been developing a tendency to start trying to do color the right way, but luckily something always reminds me of myself. This time it is the impromptu pi quilt that I’m making for Babbit and Bee as a play mat…


There was no real planning to this, just the first sixteen digits of pi, some chunks of Thesaurus, and whatever was in my box of Kona. Once I got going the agenda quickly went from finding colors that matched to colors that felt as awkward as possible and then finding an organization that would make them work. Wait, that isn’t quite true that there was no planning: it is really just an excuse to do some more applique; it’s been too long…


And once I started down the path of doing a pi quilt I knew it would need some special quilting, so I sat right down and got to work with my handy-dandy digital skills and worked out some pi quilting. This little motif (which I love as an abstract type experiment)…


Turns into this once it comes together…


I can’t wait to see how that turns out when it hits the color car-crash that is the top. And, of course, I really can’t wait for Babbit and Bee to get to play on it full time. Looking forward to Bee teaching Babbit his numbers on this quilt.


Oh, and of course I plan to thoroughly explain the awesomeness of pi.

Yay geeky quilts!!!


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    Jane B says:

    My kids both had a math teacher that encouraged them to memorize pi out to 1000 digits. I if they could successfully recite the numbers they won a PIE in their choice of flavor.

  2. 2

    I think the colors are great, the unusual combinations are what make it truly interesting.

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