Call me crazy…

But I decided yesterday morning to make one last quilt for Market.


Getting it pieced took just a few hours yesterday; the embroidery on the other hand consumed my entire day. (Detail pictures to come after Market.) Now I just need to do a bit of binding and it’s ready to go…

I may be mad, but I’m glad I made it. And I hope Theo loves it when he gets it too (once he becomes genuinely aware of his surroundings).

Just two frantic days left to get everything done…


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4 Responses to Call me crazy…

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    Love the colors in the little quilt. Looking forward to seeing the embroidery you added.

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    Aunt Evie says:

    Hey Thom: Beautiful colors and imagination. Go Thom. Have a great trip.

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    Catie says:

    LOVE it
    Have a great time in Houston – di not get to go this year 🙁 so have fun for me too

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