Bitchin Camaro…


So, with the aid of Spoonflower, and the prompting of a new nickname for the amazing Victoria I seem to have ventured into the land of wall quilts… Wait, perhaps I ought to give a bit of backstory.

So, why Bitchin’ Camaro? Well, first off it is a great Dead Milkmen song from way back when, but the more immediate reason is that at QuiltCon, when I ran into Victoria after she had won Best in Show for her remarkable quilt I declared that her new nickname was Bitchin’ Camaro. It was a signifier of supreme awesomeness.

A little while later Victoria sent me a FB note saying that she needed Bitchin’ Camaro on her wall, so whiz bang I promised to whip her something up. So, I set to designing, sent a file off to the good folks at Spoonflower, and a little while later I had a nice bit of linen destined to be the top layer of the quilt.


A bit of cutting, some of the Asbury cheater print in red, and some nifty reverse applique later I had a top. Add in some easy-peasy straight-line quilting and some Kaffe stripes for a binding and whiz-bang you have a Bitchin Camaro…


The thing is that I now may be addicted to doing Spoonflower aided minis; it opens up a whole new vocabulary, whether it be straight wholecloth quilts, or any number of hybrid processes. All I’m saying is that I sense a series in my future. First up, Self-Portrait with HKPP…


And yep, that is indeed Cindy Brady. As usual there is a reason for everything…


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8 Responses to Bitchin Camaro…

  1. 1
    Jennifer says:

    That’s bitchin! LOL
    Seriously, though, that is pretty neat. So, spoonflower, did you just do up a metre of the camaro print or did you have to get heaps and heaps of it?

  2. 2
    Emily says:

    Awesome! I’ve always had the dream of having love letters printed to fabric on spoonflower – for my nieces. I just haven’t found the words yet!

  3. 3
    ld says:

    This is genius. Quilting, musical juxatposition, fiber art v. punk ethos genius.

    I kick myself for not reading your blog more regularly.

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Steph F. says:

    “I ran over my neighbor!” Awesome, Thomas!

  6. 6
    Victor says:

    Oh that is too awesome!

    “Okay,, the important thing here is that, uh, you ask me what kinda car it is.
    – Uh uh, what kinda car do ya’ got?
    – I’ve got a…..”

  7. 7
    Roland says:

    Headline: Thomas Knauer steals quilting from your granny. Fuckinnay Dude!

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