Because I’m not so clever…

So, after finishing my amazing-stuff-friends-made-out-of-my-designs-for-Market post I realized I forgot a piece of awesome. Now this dress didn’t actually make it to Market, but it is just so very bad-ass that I needed to give it some serious love.

The wonderful Sara made this dress with my Frippery triangles and it is so insanely perfect that I profoundly wish I were tiny so that I could wear it…


Seriously, me, a pair of Docs, and, well, a whole lot less of me and I would be rocking it. But more to the point I love the pattern Sara chose to make the dress for my vaguely Sonia Delaunay-inspired triangles (each triangle is slightly off of equilateral so that when you look at the print it looks as if the straight lines are slightly curved). I always thought of this print as a bit punk rock, like it was reluctantly decorative, and I think Sara’s interpretation utterly nails it.


For more on this dress go check out Sara’s blog post about it here. Oh and also, pop over to read Sara’s wonderful Market interview with me. Actually, just go follow Sara’s blog, trust me…

Yay Sara!!!


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    Jamie Cooley says:

    I love this dress and love her blog, too. She has made some great dresses that I am very envious of!

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