It isn’t so much that I like ugly stuff (though sometimes I rather do), but that I am drawn to the awkward, those things that just don’t quite fit. It works for me like that with color and composition; things fitting just so never seems to satisfy my eye, not my mind. Even when I design fabric collections I tend to think of them as tightly grouped incongruities; there are threads that run through, but I try to keep them to the bare minimum so that everything remains just a bit awkward.

Heck, I even love the work awkward itself; that run of the letters w-k-w just never quite feels like it ought to be in an actual English word. And Bee’s awkwardness is one of the many things I love so profoundly about her. It isn’t that she is ungraceful per se, but at times she does rather resemble a somewhat elegant albatross trying to land…







Of course I only love here all the more for her awkwardness (which of course I find to be wonderful and charming), just as I am drawn to Cy Twombly’s drawings and Robert Motherwell’s collages. And anyway, it just wouldn’t be fair for Bee to truly be practically perfect in every way…

And I’m pretty sure one day she’ll stop walking into things. Perhaps…


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3 Responses to Awkward…

  1. 1
    Maggie Magee says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, darling and expressive Bee!

    In regard to Twombley and Motherwell–like them too.

    Things that just don’t quite fit are interesting and hold a promise. Does that makes sense?

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    Alice says:

    They do eventually stop walking into things. With the sense of relief that you feel, there’s also a touch of sadness. Not that I wanted Brianna to walk into door frames for her entire life, but I wish she’d do it just once in a while, so I could be sure that it’s still her inside that graceful, grown-up body.

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