An orphaned quilt…

Well, it seems Modern Relief has suffered a bit of a setback: raffles are apparently frowned upon by the powers that be. Hopefully a new plan will hopefully come together so all the Modern Relief quilts can go to help raise some much-needed funds for Japan.

In the meantime, I just can’t hold off posting some pics of what I came up with for Modern Relief. I’m still having a bit of difficulty capturing the subtlety of this quilt, especially the vast swaths of gorgeous linen that make up the top. (Quilt photography is a right pain in my keister.) But I can’t resist any longer, so these pics will just have to do for now…



I was really trying to go for a sense of calm and balance with this quilt; it somehow seemed appropriate in response to an event causing such chaos and distress. I think of is as a Constructivist haiku; I wanted to let the wonderful linen, the gorgeous Paprika Kona, and the fabulous prints from Kokka and Hokkoh sing. For the quilting I was thinking about how I could get the feel of a gentle stream — again with the calm motif — and went with offset gently meandering lines. All of this was quite the departure for me; I usually tend toward the, well, not calm…


So, hopefully Modern Relief will reform in some way ‘ere too long. If not, I will find some other way to auction this quilt off myself. We shall see…


UPDATE: Since Modern Relief ran into technical issues, I have decided to list this quilt in my Etsy shop. I hate to admit it, but sometimes the practicalities of the world intrude. Should Modern Relief start back up I will make another quilt do donate.

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4 Responses to An orphaned quilt…

  1. 1
    Emma says:

    How about an auction?

    • 1.1
      thomas says:

      I’m gonna wait a bit and see if Modern Relief reforms; I think we can raise a lot more together than individually. But if not I shall see…

  2. 2

    I have mine waiting in the wings also. It is nice to see yours it turned out beautifully.

    • 2.1
      thomas says:

      Thanks. Totally feeling out different approaches at this point. It is a totally different quilt in person: so gentle and relaxed. It feels a bit harsh to me when photographed…

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